1 Membership Left for April 1st 2015 – 2016 Season

WOW! 3 members left at the same time, all must have cowboys around campfirehad mid life crisis’s and chose to give up their spots on our fantastic lease. The rest of us are shaking our heads and are praying for their sanity!!!

With that said one persons loss is usually an opportunity for another. If you have been looking for a lease in Highland County and want to be considered for our membership PLEASE initiate a contact here on the website and my personal e-mail info@slimbodylaserspa.com This will ensure your request will not be included in the 52,000 spams we have received since our last post.

Please include a little about yourself, hunting experience if any, life goals, type of hunting you prefer, how many are included in your party etc… Remember NO hunting hogs with dogs, no ATVs can be used for hunting, you are responsible for your own camp, feeders, hunting buggy, friends and area. Only one member per spot who is the responsible individual. Guests are welcome but must be accompanied by the member. Excessive drinking and loud rabble rousing is discouraged. Memberships are in the $7,000 to $10,000 dollar range so if you don’t have the cash it is probably better you go back to work and save some for next year!  Dr T

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A little Something About Gun Control

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More Kids Having Fun!

This kids nickname is “Cool hand Luke” His first buck ever. No buck Fever here!

This is Bens friend who last week shot his first deer and his first buck. He couldn’t have been happier. A memory which will last a lifetime courtesy of HogRanch.

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It is All About The Kids!

Better than sitting home playing computer games!

This is Master Bens Hog he shot just last week. A really nice Boar who gave him a nice big smile! That is definitely better than sitting home playing computer games!

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Great Opening Day for Deer Season!

Nice Buck At Hog Ranch!

Nov 3rd 2012 opened with a beautiful cool morning, gosh I love this time of the year, with 4 of the seven members out in their pre chosen areas. I went to my feeder, set up in the open field close to Lykes Brothers Ranch, and was hoping to pull a nice buck over the fence when three does came up and stayed for at least 2 hours. The girls were eating the dropped corn, bouncing back and forth oblivious to the fact that I was sitting 125 yards away watching and waiting for the buck to come after them.

It is still a little early for the rut here in zone C south Florida so no buck came along but it was still real nice and peaceful waiting and watching the wildlife on the ranch.

Later in the evening our members guest came home with a nice 8 point buck shot right before dark in the south end of the ranch. It was his first deer and he was real excited. What a magnificent animal and he will make some nice deer burgers also.

The following week was also real nice weather with another 8 point buck being taken from the same area by our member Accurate Frank. It just happened to be his birthday also. His wife asked what he wanted for his birthday and he said he wanted to be somewhere hunting. So the “hunting god” gave him his wish come true. Another magnificent animal for the grill. Nothing tastes better than a deer neck roast according to Mr Bill. I wish all the other members lots of luck hunting and bagging that magnificent animal called the Whitetail Deer.

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Nice Buck in Velvet!

Nice Buck!

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Massive Hogs Munching Down!

Hog City

Hogs at the Cafeteria!

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Game Camera 7.2012

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Lets see whch Hog do I want to shoot?

Early Evening Hogathon!

Early Evening Hogathon!

Hogs and More Hogs!


More Hogs

Hogs Hogs Hogs


Hogs at the feeder

Feeding Time at the Ranch

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Florida Panther Chasing Wild Pig courtesy FWC

Florida Panther chasing wild pig from FWC website

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